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On Letting Go Deluxe  Vinyl 3Xlp

Circa Survive      

On Letting Go Deluxe Vinyl 3Xlp

Circa Survive 'On Letting Go: Deluxe Ten year Edition
Limited to 2500 Worldwide

Disc 1 Blue and Purple a/side - b/side mix with black splatter
Disc 2 white and blue a/side - b/side mix
Disc 3 red and gray a/side - b/side mix

Custom Heavy Matte Triple Gatefold Jacket with Expanded artwork
Side F Custom Album Art Etching of the Balloon Girl
Digital Download Card Included
Includes all bonus tracks and demos!

Track Listing

LP 1 (original LP)

Side A
Living Together 3:30
In The Morning and Amazing… 4:04
The Greatest Lie 3:42
The Difference Between Medicine and Poison Is In The Dose 4:18
Mandala 3:24
Travel Hymn 3:13

Side B
Semi Constructive Criticism 3:22
Kicking Your Crosses Down 3:38
On Letting Go 4:04
Carry Us Away 3:20
Close Your Eyes To See 3:34
Your Friends Are Gone 5:27

LP 2 (album demos)

Side C
I Wanna Live (Living Together Demo) 2:57
The Curse (Demo) 3:59
Ace of Base (The Greatest Lie Demo) 3:28
The Difference Between Medicine and Poison is in the Dose (Demo) 4:12
Salsa (Mandala Demo) 3:09

Side D
Semi Constructive Criticism (Demo) 3:32
Kicking Your Crosses Down (Demo) 3:15
On Letting Go (Demo) 3:37
Sexy Groovy (Close Your Eyes to See Demo) 2:52
All Your Friends Are Gone (Pre-production Demo) 3:56

LP 3 (extras)

Side E
Devils Song (On Letting Go Demo Version) 4:40
Most Dangerous Commercials (Demo) 3:47
Airplane Dance (Demo) 2:29
New Sun (Demo) 3:28
WHO (Demo) 2:29

Side F - etched (balloon girl from album cover)

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