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Juturna - Deluxe 10 Year Edition - 3xLP Vinyl

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Juturna - Deluxe 10 Year Edition - 3xLP Vinyl

  • 3xLP Deluxe 10 Year Edition Olive/Cream Splatter, Orange/Cream Speckled and Pinkish Red/Clear Haze Vinyl
    *Limited to a pressing of 2500
    *F Side Etching
    *Housed in a triple gate fold jacket w/ expanded art
    *Download Card Included: Contains 34 Tracks and Stems


1. Holding Someone’s Hair Back
2. Act Appalled
3. Wish Resign
4. The Glorious Nosebleed
5. In Fear and Faith
6. The Great Golden Baby
7. Stop the Fuckin’ Car
8. We’re All Thieves
9. Oh, Hello
10. Suspending Disbelief *
11. Always Getting What You Want
12. Meet Me In Montauk

Linden House Demos
1. Holding Someone’s Hair Back
2. In Fear and Faith
3. We’re All Thieves
4. Act Appalled
5. Stop the Fucking Car
6. The Glorious Nosebleed
7. Oh, Hello
8. Wish Resign
9. Suspending Disbelief
10. Always Getting What you Want
11. House of Leaves

Juturna B-Sides (1 side LP, 1 Side Etching)
1. Julian
2. Buddha
3. Learned Some Shit
4. Portishead Jam
5. Califone
6. Pearl Jam Jam

Digital Bonus Tracks
1. Handshakes at Sunrise (Josh Jackabowski)
2. This Changes Everything (Josh Jackabowski)
3. Handshakes at Sunrise (Vince Ratti)
4. This Changes Everything (Vince Ratti)

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