On Letting Go

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Released on May 29, 2007

On Letting Go is a push for power. Epic and punchy, the drums are the thumping, chugging steam engine of each track. The elegant, reverbed beauty of the guitars seals the whole story together in a grand statement. A statement made as firmly with overdriven rhythm guitars as it is with clean lead ones. Engine Down would be proud, I think. The word “majesty” sums up this kind of rock. If I had to coin a new genre, I’d use the word majestic.


1. Living Together
2. In The Morning and Amazing...
3. The Greatest Lie
4. The Difference Between Medicine and Poison is in the Dose
5. Mandala
6. Travel Hymn
7. Semi Constructive Criticism
8. Kicking Your Crosses Down
9. On Letting Go
10. Carry Us Away
11. Close Your Eyes To See
12. Your Friends Are Gone

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